Let’s say you are working for a company which is doing exceptionally well & at the end of every month, you are getting a salary check. But as an employee when you see that the company is making huge profit & you are just getting a small chunk of that massive profit for your hard work.

You might feel that you are not being part of the growth that the company is experiencing.

And what may happen because of this mindset? The employee may leave & search for another job. In another job, he/she may get a raise.

This becomes…

Funding News Headlines Collage

You must have seen these kinds of headlines in your daily news reads. Yeah, you have some idea from the title like, A company is getting X amount of money to grow its business.

But have you ever wondered what does the words like seed round, series round, angel investor, venture capital mean?
If the answer to the above question is NO, then we will see how startups use different funding stages to raise money & grow their business in this blog post.

Before starting let’s clear out some terminologies

  • Angel Investors (private investor): Is a high net worth individual…

What are special characters?

There are a set of characters the linux shell treats in two different ways.
When you type them at the shell, they act as instructions or commands
and tell the shell to perform a certain function. Think of them as single-
character commands.

1) Home Directory ( ~ )

The tilde (~) is short hand for your home directory. It means wherever you are in the filesystem you do not have to explicitly specify you home address.

using ~ for going to the home directory

Tilde (~) can also be used with relative paths. Suppose you are somewhere in your filesystem that’s not under your home folder & you want…

I had applied online at parivahan website & booked a slot between 10 Am — 11 AM.

At Tardeo RTO Mumbai, Go to the H Block for giving the Learners License Test.

First Step :

Get the Token from concerning officer at H Block, he will first verify the documents, make sure that you are carrying the originals along with photocopies.
If everything is correct Your application is processed further, you will be given a token & then you have to wait outside.
else corrections need to be made.

You need the following Documents
1. Adhaar Card ( or any other showing address proof…

Initialize Variables

const char *ssid = "sharad";      // wifi router name
const char *pass = "aINl5jy9"; // wifi router password
const char *host = ""; // server IP Address
const int port = 8000; // server port
int flag = 1; // flag to check for connection existance

Use the TCP Server android app to create a demo server then get the IP & port values from the app & make changes to the code accordingly.

Change the wifi router name & password in the code accordingly.

NOTE: Your Smart Phone Should be Connected to Same Wifi.


void setup(){  

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